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Receive Payments funded by Credit Card or Debit Card 3.9% + R2.00 for South African Rand^

(Inclusive of merchant fees charged by the banks)
Receive Payments funded by SID Instant EFT 2% for South African Rand^

(Currently only available in South Africa)
Receive Payments funded by MonsterPay Balance 1.9% for South African Rand^
Withdraw Funds R8.00 for South African Rand* ^

(Withdraw fees are charged per withdraw request which can be made up of multiple transactions)

*  Your bank and/or intermediary banks may charge for receiving SWIFT or EFT deposits and currency conversions if your account is held in a different currency. Setcom can make no assurances that you will not be charged by your bank and/or intermediary banks. Please ask your bank whether it charges for SWIFT or EFT before you initiate a withdrawal.

^ Prices quoted Exclude VAT.

         See Fees Policy