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About Us

MonsterPay is the payment gateway of choice for thousands of small businesses who require a simple, secure online payment processing service. We process credit card and instant EFT payments and provide free fraud screening to all of our customers.

With MonsterPay, you don't pay any monthly subscription fees and you don't require an expensive e-commerce merchant account. We pride ourselves on making it quick and easy for anyone to start selling online.

Company History

MonsterPay is a Setcom company. Founded in 1998, Setcom is recognised as a pioneer and innovator of online and mobile payment platforms for the masses.

In 2004, Setcom launched MonsterPay to cater to the unique needs of small to medium sized businesses looking for a safe, affordable way to process and manage their online payments.

Today, MonsterPay is trusted by over 135,000 clients worldwide.

Payment Gateway rooted in Africa