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Money Laundering Prevention

What is done?

Our clients are asked to confirm their identity and other personal details. We have in place systems to verify a client’s bank account or payment card to prove that they are the rightful owner. Transaction limits, depending on the user’s status, may periodically be imposed to safeguard the integrity of our payment system.


Identity verification could be requested anytime from both new and existing users. While our identity verification systems are designed to minimise any inconvenience to the user, the verification process may take several days to complete.


It is necessary to monitor and constantly verify that people are who they say they are in order to combat fraud identity, which may aid criminal and terrorist activities. This does not mean in any way that suspicion is falling on our clients. Any information about a client’s identity is held confidentially and will help stop the fraudulent use of identities.

Who is involved?

Government agencies and monetary authorities in territories we operate in are united in their efforts to stop the spread of financial crime. This forms part of the international effort to combat financial crime and protect all parties against crime and terrorism.


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