Transactional Questions
What are my payment and funding options when I use my MonsterPay account?

You can use your MonsterPay balance, a credit card, or SID (Instant EFT) to fund your payments.

Payment Options

MonsterPay Balance:

  • When sending money with MonsterPay, the balance in your MonsterPay account is used first.
  • If you have more than one positive currency balance, the entire amount is funded from the selected currency.
  • If the balance used to send the payment is insufficient, it may default to another currency balance depending on the amount of funds available.
  • If your payment is sent from a currency balance that is not open, the payment is funded with a registered credit card or bank account. Please review the funding source used to fund your payment flow. Once your payment is sent, the funding source cannot be changed.

Credit Card:

  • Transfer occurs immediately.
  • Members who add a credit card to their account initially have a Sending Limit.
  • After verifying the credit card this limit is lifted.

SID (Instant EFT):

  • Transfer occurs immediately.
  • Pay directly and securely from an online bank account.
  • Currently only limited to South African clients.

Account Funding Options

Please contact for further information.

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