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How to create a Bulk Insurance File

The Bulk Insurance file allows you to more easily manage your Insurance Method’s Insurance Options, especially if you have many Insurance Options and many countries which they affect.  The Bulk Import of Insurance can be found in the main Insurance page.
You will need to create a CSV(Comma Seperated Value) file from which the information will be read.

The CSV File - Layout

The CSV file is split into 2 sections. The first section is information about the Insurance Method, while the second section contains all the information about the Insurance Options which need to be added.

The Header requires the following information:
  • Merchant Identifier: You Merchant Identifier Code (Example: FF555LJI333) 
  • Insurance Type Name: The name of your Insurance type (example: Door to Door) 
  • Currency: Specifies the currency for which this Insurance Method is meant:  ZAR – South-African Rand USD – United States Dollar EUR – Euro GBP – Great Britain Pounds 
  • Active : Specifies if you want this Insurance Method to be active or not (1 for active, 0 for inactive)
Here is an example of the Header in CSV format:

MerchantIdentifier, Insurance Type Name, Currency, Active, FF555LJI333, Sample Insurance Option Insurance, GBP, 0, 1

In the above example the Merchant (FF555LJI333) has named the Insurance Method (Sample Insurance Option) for use with British Pounds (GBP) and they want this Insurance Method to be immediately available (1)

The Insurance Records require the following information for each Insurance Option you wish to import:    

Field Name Required Description
Country Code Yes The two-digit country code for the country the rate should be mapped to, e.g. United States of America’s country code is “US” and South Africa’s country code is “ZA”.
State Yes The State which the Insurance Option is for.
City Yes The City which the Insurance Option is for.
Zip Code Yes The Zip code which the Insurance Option is for.
Fee Yes The cost of shipping. Please include the cent value in decimal format, e.g. if the product is R10 the price field would be 10.00. No other formatting is required for instance R1, 000.00 for the price would be in the price field 1000.00



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