How can a seller recover funds when a chargeback occurs?

When a chargeback occurs, the money that is subject to the chargeback is deducted from MonsterPay's bank account. In turn, MonsterPay places a temporary hold of the same amount in the seller's MonsterPay balance (i.e. the funds are frozen).

MonsterPay will work with the seller to dispute the chargeback with the buyer's credit card company. Ultimately, if the chargeback dispute is resolved in the seller and MonsterPay’s favour, the credit card company will reimburse MonsterPay for the chargeback amount and MonsterPay will transfer the recovered funds back to the seller.

The entire dispute resolution process may take up to 90 days, depending on the credit card company involved. MonsterPay cannot control the outcome, as it is ultimately up to the credit card company to resolve chargeback disputes.

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