Withdrawing Money
What is Withdrawal Verification?

Withdrawal Verification is required in order to confirm a MonsterPay account holder’s identity and account information before fund withdrawals will be allowed.

Please note that you may start receiving transactions via MonsterPay upon your initial sign-up. Withdrawal Verification is only required once you wish to withdraw funds from your MonsterPay account. We however encourage you to complete this process at your earliest convenience.

As a new account holder, you will first be required to complete Lite Withdrawal Verification in order to withdraw an amount, not exceeding the Full Verification limit.

Lite Withdrawal Verification

Requirements for Lite Withdrawal Verification:

  1. Please complete your Business and Financial Information on your MonsterPay Profile.
  2. Please submit a scanned copy of your ID or Passport.
  3. Please submit a Voided Cheque, or Bank Statement, not older than three months. Please note that the Bank Statement must please reflect the account number, account holder name, date and bank’s logo/stamp.
  4. If you wish to verify a company bank account, please provide your company incorporation documents. (CK1 / CM22 for SA citizens)

Full Withdrawal Verification

Full Withdrawal Verification must be completed when the total value of transactions on your MonsterPay account has reached the Full Verification limit.

Requirements for Full Withdrawal Verification in addition to the above:

  1. Please complete your Physical Address on your MonsterPay Profile.
  2. Please submit a signed MonsterPay User Agreement. (View / Download)
  3. Please submit ANY of the below to verify the physical address listed on your MonsterPay account:
  • A utility bill (less than 3 months old)
  • A copy of a recently signed lease or rental agreement
  • A municipal rates and taxes invoice (less than 3 months old)
  • A telephone account (less than 3 months old)
  • An official tax return (less than 1 year old)
  • A recent life insurance policy issued by an insurance company
  • Recent correspondence from a body corporate or share-block association
  • A valid television license document
  • A recent short-term insurance document
  • Any TWO retail account statements/invoices (less than 3 months old)
  • A letter from a tribal chief confirming that the customer resides on tribal land
  • Where the person lives in any type of communal residence (e.g. hostel/barracks), please provide a letter from the administration department of such residence on an official letterhead

Verification documentation may be submitted via:

Country Fax Number
United Kingdom +44 20 7681 3303
United States of America +1 408 351 8057
South Africa (086) 615 1486

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