What is Credit Card Verification?

Our credit card verification will stop transactions before they are processed and request additional verification of the card should the system pick up any queries on the transaction.

Verification of your card is a very simple processes. This process involves MonsterPay charging an amount between 1.01 to 1.99 to your credit card. (You will receive the amount back in your MonsterPay account after you complete the verification).  You will need to find the exact amount on your credit card statement and provide this amount back to MonsterPay to complete the verification process.

To Begin the verification processes:

  • Click on the "Verify Now" link on the page which is presented to you while you are shopping or log in to you MonsterPay account as described below.

To complete the verification processes:

  1. Log in to your MonsterPay account.
  2. Click the My Accounts tab.
  3. Under the Quick Links section, click on the "Add Credit Card" link.
  4. Follow the on screen process to complete the verification.

Card verification has been put in place to protect Buyers and Sellers from potential fraudulent transaction and is part of MonsterPay proactive approach to reduce fraud.

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