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1. Third-party Shopping Carts

2. How do I create payment buttons?

3. What is Withdrawal Verification?

4. How do I test my implementation?

5. What are some best practices to avoid chargebacks?

6. Download: MonsterPay logos

7. How do I add a bank account to my MonsterPay account?

8. What is Credit Card Verification?

9. What is a chargeback?

10. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

11. When are withdrawals processed?

12. What are my payment and funding options when I use my MonsterPay account?

13. Why does MonsterPay require the Proof of Delivery?

14. How can a seller recover funds when a chargeback occurs?

15. What is Email Address Verification?

16. What is the maximum amount I can receive with MonsterPay?

17. Do my customers have to sign-up to MonsterPay in order to complete a payment?

18. Why am I charged a R150.00 fee for chargeback settlement?

19. Can I buy from myself?

20. Which credit cards can I use?

21. What is Bank Account Verification?

22. How do I refund a buyer?

23. What is Street Address Verification?

24. How do I add my street address to my MonsterPay account?

25. Who can sign up?

26. How much does it cost to convert currencies?

27. Can I withdraw funds to another country?

28. Shipping Guide

29. What is my personal message?

30. How do I use my business name in the shopping cart?

31. Why is the foreign exchange rate different from what I see in the newspaper?

32. Can I add my customer's credit card/bank account and buy for him/her?

33. Can I see the exchange rates used?

34. Forgot your password?

35. What if my personal message is wrong?

36. How do I change my password?

37. Can I withdraw funds to my credit card?

38. Setup Bulk Shipping

39. How exactly do MonsterPay and the seller work together to dispute a chargeback?

40. Where can I find my Merchant Identifier?

41. Why does MonsterPay require the order details?

42. Why do I have to verify my identity?

43. What is Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code?

44. How do I edit my credit card details in my MonsterPay account?

45. Are there any transaction limits?

46. Insurance Guide

47. Tax Guide

48. How do I setup shipping charges in my MonsterPay account?

49. Why can chargebacks occur so long after a seller receives the payment?

50. What information can a seller provide to increase the chances of winning a chargeback dispute?

51. How does MonsterPay notify a seller when a chargeback has been filed against them?

52. Why was my credit card denied?

53. How do I query a transaction?

54. Money Laundering Prevention

55. What does Certificate Expiration mean?

56. Using strong password

57. How do I view a transaction in my MonsterPay account?

58. Setup Bulk Insurance

59. Setup Bulk Tax

60. What currencies can I accept on MonsterPay?